Death is " The Destination ". Life is a "Journey".
Death ~ the only destination which is definite -
yet, most undesired. The only peaceful destination - where the whole mankind
don't want to reach. The only destination which is totally predestined -
yet, everyone condemns. Life ~ then, what kind of aimless journey it is ? A journey,
without destination, is futile. Thus, Life without the awareness of death is therefore, futile.

Death is compulsory ~ Life is still optional. Death is certain ~ Life is certainly uncertain.
Death is a eternal truth ~ Life is yet, a hypothesis. Death is the finale.
And the finale is everything. The journey up to the finale is thereby, nothing.
Life is Nothing. Nothingness is Life. Life is Nothing but utterly Life.

Jeevan Paathshaala is such a paathshaala - where nothing is taught - nothing is studied.
It reminds living only. Jeevan Paathshaala is not a school or an institution for managing Life. Eventually, Life can never be managed - it only can be lived. Jeevan Paathshaala is
an abode where ~ Life's flowering happens and the fragrance of Life naturally mingles
with the existence.